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CUSTOM button mapping for Sony Remote app - major issue SOLVED.
03-22-2014, 08:56 AM (This post was last modified: 03-22-2014 09:06 AM by Hedgehog.)
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CUSTOM button mapping for Sony Remote app - major issue SOLVED.
To Sony Tablet users (and Squid Master),

The single major impediment mentioned elsewhere in programming TouchSquid (TS) on Sony tablets is that custom buttons that you teach the IR codes in the Sony Remote app do not have their custom labels transferred so that TS can see them. It then becomes very, very tedious and time consuming to hunt and peck for the right custom button you need. If you have a lot of custom buttons on a lot of Sony Remote devices, I can see how people would quit trying to make this work.

I've found the solution to this, and I wanted to share it with you.

The solution is that I basically figured out the mapping that Sony uses when a custom button is used. So, by simply looking at my charts (attached to this post in a PDF file), you will immediately know what a "CUSTOM ##" label means when you set up your TS Activities.

Here's what I mean more specifically. To program your TS Activities, I suggest the following process:

1) First, set up all your devices in the Sony Remote app as fully as you desire. After choosing a suitable "Type" when you set up the Sony Remote device you want, teach the Sony tablet all of the additional IR functions that you will need. Label the new buttons you add as you like, but do add a custom label - don't just leave the new button blank!

2) Set up your activities in TS as usual (very easy process). When you start to program the TS buttons, or set up macros, etc., you are going to reach the point where you get a list of possible buttons available from the Sony Remote device of interest. If you have programmed custom buttons for that device, you may have (notice I say "may") entries listed of the form "CUSTOM ##", where "##" is a number. In the past, this was the MAIN problem - you didn't know what that "CUSTOM ##" function was. Now you do! (see next step)

3) Refer to the PDF file attached to this post. I highly suggest you print the two pages and stash them for easy future reference. You will find a number map for each button. I have tested most of these, but many of them I simply guessed at based on their logical layout.

- NOW, refer to your Sony Remote app device as you programmed it. Here's an example - let's say you programmed an A/V amplifier, and you made a custom button on the button that's on the bottom row under the "joystick", on the left. Let's say that you gave it a custom label called "DVD", and the function is to switch to the DVD input on the amplifier.

- NOW, look at Page 1 of my mapping charts. You will find the mapping number for that button is "15". Therefore, if a "CUSTOM ##" entry exists on the list of available functions, it is "CUSTOM 15".

- SO - simply, choose "CUSTOM 15" in this case - AND THAT'S IT

Really simple and quick!

4) ONE MORE WORD OF WARNING: For any Sony Remote app device that you created, NOT ALL of the custom buttons will have the name "CUSTOM ##" !! There is no problem, but this can easily confuse you. Apparently, here's what happens in the Sony software:

- When you choose a device "Type", Sony apparently has a list of buttons that are named. For example, let's say "Muting" is a button defined by Sony. Let's say they put it in the "default" position where a "CUSTOM 7" button would appear if that position were unused.

- When you go to the list of commands, you will find "Muting" in the list, RATHER than "CUSTOM 7". So, in that case, just choose "Muting".

- That may be obvious - BUT - here's something else that happens. Let's say that the position of "CUSTOM 41" - which is the "Play" arrow is NOT an available button in the "Type" of device you chose - or - let's say that you are programming the device from scratch, or "manually". Then, let's say you want to assign the "CUSTOM 41" button as the "Play" button. When you look through the list of available commands, "CUSTOM 41" is not going to show up - instead, you will see "PLAY" as a choice. I'm not sure why, but certain "usual" buttons like this SUPERCEDE the "CUSTOM ##" labeling. Strange, but it's easy to handle once you know that this will happen.

To give you another example so you fully understand, let's say that you programmed a device manually in the Sony Remote app, and so you had to assign all buttons. Let's say you assigned the button positions on my mapping files labeled 40, 41, 42, and 29. you MIGHT expect to see in the available commands list:


but I fully expect that you will see the following:


Hopefully, this makes sense to you.

I do hope this helps you. In my opinion, the only potential "show-stopper" for Sony Tablet users in choosing TS was this issue. And it's now solved, so go buy and enjoy TS!


p.s.: Note that my mapping file doesn't have "CUSTOM ##" buttons for the nine buttons that are digits. That is because I never found a case yet where I programmed these and then came up with labels different than "DIGIT 1", "DIGIT 2", etc. Also, I really do not know if the "POWER TOGGLE" button is mapped to "1". I've never seen that. I just guessed.

Epilogue: BTW, maybe I'm in the minority, but I like the Sony Tablets and the Sony Remote App for use as a device remote (NOT an activity remote!). I really like the convenience of having the learning remote capability. I can only hope that the tablet lasts as long as other Sony components. I don't think I ever had a Sony audio component die on me, and I still have a working Sony A/V amp in my equipment rack that's 23 years old, and I still use it often as an audio amp.

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03-22-2014, 09:41 AM
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RE: CUSTOM button mapping for Sony Remote app - major issue SOLVED.
Wow. You have done a LOT of work on this. I agree the Sony tablet is a great device. One thing we have observed is that Sony's IR is much more powerful than Samsung's so once set up it is a better remote. After reading your explanation I have a somewhat better idea of how Sony does things. I will put a link to your thread in our documentation section.
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03-22-2014, 10:53 AM (This post was last modified: 03-22-2014 10:56 AM by Hedgehog.)
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RE: CUSTOM button mapping for Sony Remote app - major issue SOLVED.
Very kind words, Squid Master. Best of luck and prosperity with TS. This is a beautiful piece of work.

Maybe I'm just "old school", but I think TS is great. I don't have a huge amount of devices, but some interactions are a little involved, and the TS Activities are handling them with no problem. You have paid a lot of attention to this app. Little things - like how the custom button setup to command macros seamlessly "switches" from "single device mode" to "macro" (and back) when the number of macros commands goes from = 1 to > 1 is really sweet - nice touch!

I haven't tried every controller solution in the past 20 years, but so far, there are two elements of TS that I really like, and frankly seem to be basic, but weren't adopted by other earlier solutions:

a) Profiles, and
b) Data files that are local to the device, easy to transfer, and don't force your hands to have to interact with a "Cloud" that is not a local storage space sitting in your own house. Smile

Really - even with Harmony remotes - which were the best things since sliced bread until Logitech took over, the web interface was slow and inconvenient. In contrast, I've done all of the TS programming sitting here in an easy chair with no need for web access. Smile

I ran my early Harmony remote right into the ground. I even tried to save it by "re-painting" the button contacts internally with graphite paint. Frankly, all of the later Logitech versions were inferior to the best earlier models when you consider the overall practical usability. Now, their build quality is cheap, and they are like 2 times more expensive. Glug.

I'm about 75% completed with fully setting up my 6 most important activities on TS now, and I'm so looking forward to just copying the TSR files over to the 2nd tablet, and immediately set that one up in that easy, logical way. Why on earth would I want to go to a "Cloud" to do that? I might just throw a "mini-celebration" this afternoon. Smile

I'm sure I'll have more detailed question re: TS soon enough.
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07-04-2014, 01:13 AM
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Big Grin RE: CUSTOM button mapping for Sony Remote app - major issue SOLVED.
Diden't notised this until now. This will make my life much easier Smile. Thanks

Big Grin
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